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sfo airport taxi with child seat
sfo taxi child seat
sfo taxi van with car seat
sfo taxi with car seat
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San Francisco Airport Taxi With Car Seat
sfo yellow cab with baby car seat
California visitors with
children under 8 years
old need to be aware of
recent changes in the
California car seat
regulations. If your child
does not have a car seat,
you might be stopped by
police and fined $100-$250
or be denied boarding a
van or taxi cab.
Allied Yellow Cab and our
affiliates offer car seat for
babies to make their travel
SAFE and Comfortable.
We can provide you with
Infant, Toddler, and
Booster Car seats. There is
no extra charge if you
travel more than 15
MILES, if it's less than 15
Miles it will be $10 extra
California Law Says:

Children 7 and under and
less than 57 inches (4'9")
tall must ride in a child
restraint, in a rear seat
with some exceptions.
san francisco airport taxi with car seat
Children under age of 1
(One) are required to ride
in a REAR-FACING car
seat in the back seat,
although national
recommendations are keep
children rear-facing to age
2 (Two).
sfo airport taxi car seat
Toddler Car Seat
Children with minimum weight
of 20 lbs can use this seat. It can
only be used
Depending on the seat, it can be
used by your child up to the
age of 8 (Eight).
Booster Car Seat
Children under the age
of 8 (Eight) must be
secured in a car seat or
Booster Seat in a back
seat. Children under the
age of 7 (Seven) who are
Less than 4' 9" tall are
required to use Booster
Infant Car Seat
san francisco airport taxi with child seat
airport taxi with car seat
taxi van to airport with baby seat
San francisco airport taxi service with car seat
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